Is Amateur Porn the Best?

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You don’t have to visit large pornographic sites to see that the tide is turning. Even just a few years ago, it was unfathomable to think that perhaps amateur content is going to eclipse professionally made scenes with good-looking pornstars and whatnot. Well, now this is becoming reality – even tiny sites like are flooded with amateur scenes featuring a wider range of models and actresses than the mainstream sites that we’re all accustomed to. So, while porn made by real people is on the rise, it makes sense to discuss its artistic merits.

How Does It Look?

With so many random amateur videos being put out, this is obviously a concern. Do they even look good? Most of them are not very good-looking because they are being recorded by people that have no idea what to do with a camera. Obviously, that affects the overall quality, which is why you might go through a lot of videos to find one that looks spectacular. The more recent videos are better-looking on average since everybody has a UHD-ready camera in their pockets, so the increase in quality is obvious but the camerawork is still questionable at times.

Most of the amateur material looks amateur, and that’s one of its biggest strengths and weaknesses, all at once. The women are not taking care of themselves and dressing well for the video, which also impacts the overall “quality” and looks more amateur. So, if you’re concerned about the visual aspect, you might want to check out non-amateur videos.

How Does It Feel?

Right from the get-go, it’s fairly obvious that amateur content offers more hotness. The pairings are hotter, the sex is hotter, and there’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy the sex even if it was from a professionally made video. Plus, sometimes the sex is just that much hotter when it comes to amateur videos because the women are obviously having a lot more fun. They don’t have to follow the script, they don’t have to hit certain beats, and they don’t have to push the envelope with every single interaction in the scene. And this is why many people may feel a lot more aroused watching amateur videos. The lack of pressure gives women a lot more freedom, which makes it a lot easier for them to be honest in a sexual situation. Plus, since the sex is unscripted and unguided and that’s awesome as well. Just to reiterate.

What’s the Conclusion?

Even though people say that you shouldn’t compare one thing to another, there is no denying that amateur videos offer more variety than higher-quality professional videos. They also offer way more hotness. And way more variety than non-mainstream yet still professional porn, which is getting more and more stale every year. Our advice for those that want real pleasure is to visit a smaller website such as and find yourself a nice scene with two amateur girls having amazing sex – this is one of the best ways to get off and to understand what makes people so invested in this brand of pornography.

Is Dani Mathers the Hottest Chick Out There?

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Recently, there was a Dani Mathers post back at TNAPics and that got us thinking – is she actually the hottest chick out there? The more we talked about it, the more the idea came to mind, so here’s the list of reasons why Dani Mathers is the hottest and you should never EVER try to pretend that your favorite can match up to her.

– She dresses to the nines all the fucking time

You don’t have to be a stylist to understand that Dani is a very stylish lady. Her looks are more or less being copied and pasted in all the magazines she appears on. You can’t fault them for turning to Dani for inspiration since this lady routinely finds ways to make everything look fashion forward. Some of her outfits might be too revealing for some folks, but we know that there’s a huge plethora of people that are able to get behind the slutty choices that Dani sometimes makes.

– Her body is literally perfect

Take a look at Dani Mathers and tell us that she’s not a fucking knockout. This has to be the sexiest body in the world, the type of body that would make almost anyone jealous, not even the biggest of assholes. Her breasts are perfect, her face is pretty, her legs are long, and she’s not afraid to rock a nice-looking bush that will surely make some of our readers happy. Her charisma is obvious and the fact that she knows that she looks perfect also makes her hotter than any of the other 30+ women you lust after. Her most underrated body part is her ass since everyone is so focused on her cleavage. Just take a look at her pics on the website mentioned above and tell us that her ass is not the most impressive part about her. But as we said, Dani’s is so hot all over, you’d have a hard time figuring out which body part is the best.

– Her content is insane

Visit TNAPics to see her latest line-up of sexy pictures. In short, it’s nothing less than amazing. You see a photo of doing kinky things or posing totally naked. The pictures like that just keep on dropping on the site mentioned above and other similar outlets, not to mention that she’s pretty active on social media. In other words, there’s already enough mesmerizing Dani Mathers content to last a lifetime and she’s adding more and more all the fucking time.

 – Her personality is very attractive

Her warmth is just like honey. It makes you feel welcomed and warm and her interactions with people leave a huge impact on their minds. Dani Mathers is a woman that’s akin to a real-life goddess. Her body is nothing short of amazing, sure, but it’s her sensational personality that just keeps people coming back for more and more. We think that the girl’s unique charisma is what’s attracted thousands of other admirers, so when you meet her in person or see her on the screen, it’s going to be no different.

Top 3 different types of cam girls you might encounter on the live cam girls site 

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If you are a newbie in the camming community, everything will look new to you. It’s only normal to learn about the cam site’s manners and etiquette while you continue exploring what the community is about. You don’t have to feel any differently if it’s your first time being on a cam site. Everybody has their first time. However, it is important that after some time, you should be able to identify some important aspects and factors that make the cam site, such as the categories of live cam girls, their services, the payment structure, and the general etiquette in the camming community. After spending time on the cam site and still unable to answer some of these simple questions, you haven’t truly explored the camming community.

There are more than enough cam models on cam sites, and each has a unique feature that distinguishes them from others. However, it is worth noting these cam models are divided into categories depending on the uniqueness of their services. Hence, if you can narrow this down, finding a suitable live cam girl for every situation becomes easier. This could also be a pointer to the fact that you’ve taken time to understand everything about camming, and you now know your way around the calming community, contrary to how you used to be when you started exploring it.

Here are some of the cam girls you’ll find on cam sites.

  • The anonymous live cam girls: 

These categories of cam models are those that do not find socializing interesting. They are such that they come on cam sites, make their money, and leave almost immediately. These cam girls might have an Instagram or Twitter account where they seldom post random posts without any promotion or affiliation to any organization. They are such that they find camming as an extra stream of income other than their main stream of income. To them, camming is a second option. Hence, they don’t dwell on cam sites. They might have a separate account where they meet with selected elite clients to fans. So, they primarily keep in touch outside the camming community. So, it is somewhat difficult to get them to perform for a long period at once on cam sites. They stay hidden for as long as they want to on the cam site.

  • The celebrity cam girls: 

These categories are those that bring themselves to the limelight. They want to be heard, seen, and known as one of the top-notch live cam girls on the cam site. They have the mindset of maximizing their potential and creating a brand out of it through the platform they have. To these cam models, camming is a means of livelihood, and they believe that once they can maximize their potential to the fullest, they can get to the topmost of their career. They see a career and camming. Hence, they are mostly affiliated to a cam site as their head advertising models or as part of the cam site team. Being on the team, they help create a brand for that team and push the publicity through their voice and platform.

  • The porn stars’ cam models:

These cam girls are not afraid or shy to perform live porn content on their page. They are not afraid to shoot hardcore live porn sessions since the viewers are big spenders and tippers. Depending on what the viewers want, they could have live sex with another cam model in live sessions. These live cam girls are popular across other private live porn platforms, where they make a huge amount of money from having live sex. So, depending on what you want to see, you could encounter these live cam girls if you know where to look. These types of cam models are essentially more expensive to pay compared to the two categories mentioned above. So, if you are a big spender and want a run for your money, you should consider this category as they have the professionalism to deliver value for your money. Some live cam girls in this category might have featured in actual porn clips at some point, making them even more popular and easy to reach. They are most likely to run active social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So, it’s easier to communicate and keep in contact with them.

Check Out Leaked Pictures of Katy Marchant

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No matter what you think about The Fappening itself, you have to admit that it managed to produce some of the hottest celebrity content out there. We have never seen such arousing pictures in the past and we are not going to see something like that outside of the realm of Fappening XXX. One of the most compelling things about the leaks is that they usually involve a highly important person. Katy Marchant’s latest leaks weren’t an exception to that rule! The British track cyclist is highly accomplished and exceedingly successful in her field… This, of course, makes her iCloud account an extremely hot target for hackers. The new leaks posted on TheFappening2015 are simply sensational.

Hot Celebrity Porn with a Sexy Athlete

The Leeds-born lusty lady is more than happy to demonstrate her naked physique. She, of course, looks extremely hot in the process because her body is super-tight. And, even though Katy isn’t showing everything on the latest Fappening content, we’ve got to admit that the images of her assets are rather plentiful. There’s plenty to choose from and the only thing that’s missing are photos that show her getting railed in POV or something. We are sure that TheFappening2015 would have posted such images if they were available. For the time being, though, that’s not the case.

What’s more, this new leak has a specific focus. Katy has a strong personality and she never presented herself as “sexy.” That said, the new batch of leaks helps explore an entirely different side of this seductive athlete. We now know that she understands just how seductive she really is. The way she strikes poses in the nude while staring in the mirror proves that she’s not ashamed of her sexuality and she doesn’t mind showing it off for her fans. The new leaks do reveal more than a few of those qualities as well.

Amber Heard nude

Exploring Deepfake Porn Movies

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Deepfake footage is a new and evolving form of digital pornography and is used to create realistic-looking fakes. It’s still a fairly novel technology so most people don’t really understand the far-reaching implications and other possible uses of Deepfake porn (like modifying porn and sharing it without the person in the video knowing about it). We are not going to discuss the moral side of this fad, and will not debate whether the very nature of Deepfake videos should be protected by laws or regulated by the government. Given that we are at the beginning of this technological trend, exploring how deepfake videos are created is important, but we’re going to focus more on the consumption of this kind of adult content. After all, sites like TheFappeningPM do a great job of explaining both a few concerning possibilities with the technology and the ways deepfake XXX is able to outshine regular pornography.

Celebrity Deepfake Porn – How Hot Is It?

To answer this question, we’re going to focus on some particularly popular celebrity deepfake videos. The most famous one features none other than Gal Gadot performing fellatio in POV before getting fucked seven ways to Sunday in the same video. The more we investigate, the more appealing the concept of celebrity deepfake porn becomes. Why? Because we, as a culture, are obsessed with celebrities and deepfake XXX is a great way of taking them down a peg. Sites that explore the phenomenon, sites like TheFappeningPM, tend to overlook the fact it’s very fulfilling to see celebrities brought down to Earth just a bit. We hope that this technology will continue to grow and evolve and we hope that no one is going to use it to do something evil. Remember: in this article, we won’t delve into the legal ramifications of deepfakes, it’s something that you need to research on your own.

3 Hottest Pornstars of This Month

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We actually enjoy compiling lists of the hottest, most popular, and most prolific adult movie actresses that did something to impress us in the month of April. For the second month in a row, the list of the best porn stars is filled with some names that you will never get tired of and some names that you have never heard of. With no further ado, let’s take a look at the hottest pornstars of April 2022!

Ella Hughes

We don’t know if this list could be topped by anyone else this month. Ella doesn’t hold back, she doesn’t know when to quit and she doesn’t play fair. All the latest releases available over at CumPornhub prove once and for all that this fiery ginger is a true sexual force to be reckoned with in the industry. We just wish that all the other movies with redheads were just as sexy!

Angela White

Angela is a perfectionist. This multi-talented porn star does a little of everything. Not only is she an expert in having vanilla sex in just about any position, but she is also a master at being the center of attention in fetish videos or gangbangs. The curvaceous Aussie is sure to blow your mind with her immaculate curves and unmatched fuck skills.

Autumn Falls

You knew that there was going to be at least one pornstar on our list that is severely underrated. Angela and Ella have their own rabid fan bases but Autumn is NOWHERE near as popular as she should be. Not only does this vixen have a great body but she is as crazy as you can imagine for a legit pervert. Some unforgettable memories were made this month and now we can’t wait to see what she’s going to do in the future.

Popular XXX Genre: Family Porn

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It’s obvious that in the last few years the mainstream porn industry has really taken off. It’s not only grown in quality, but also in popularity, particularly in the area of family porn. Porn producers and watchers from all over the globe have seemingly grown more and more accustomed to the idea that watching porn that celebrates fauxcest is perfectly normal. It seems that family porn is quite popular in a number of regions (according to XXXData), not just the West, and with a few minor tweaks it could also catch on in Asia as well.

What is it that makes this genre so appealing though? It’s not like watching MILFs ride younger dicks is novel in this day and age, especially since a lot of TV shows and movies currently revolve around sexual themes between MILFs and high schoolers. Porn critics look down upon all the stepfamily-themed genres but we honestly believe that the key reason behind the appeal is that these scenes are genuinely hot. The incestuous angle adds taboo sexiness to something that seemed mundane before. Seeing any cougar fuck a horned-up 18-year-old neighbor is nowhere near as exciting as watching a stepmom struggle with her morally questionable relationships with her boyfriend’s son.

What’s the Best Way to Watch Family Porn?

If you’re someone who’s just looking to relax and enjoy a bit of legal content with criminally seductive pornstars, then you should give some free XXX tube a try. Sites like XXXData are filled to the brim with all sorts of family porn, and they’ll never ask you for payment. On top of that, such sites are totally secure, so you won’t have to worry about downloading malware or anything like that. Moreover, you can easily access only the hottest X-rated content related to the subgenre that interests you the most.

Is It Possible to Seduce a Camgirl?

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It’s pretty damn obvious that everybody and their mothers are currently obsessed with adult camming and hardcore fucking. The people that spend hours staring at camgirls probably aren’t horny for pussy, they are actually seeking connection and genuine human intimacy. Though there are plenty of people who are just horny for pussy, we think that there’s a huge chunk of visitors that really want to form a bond with a camgirl.

Maybe you’ve been to a chat room that is populated with annoying coomers and illiterate imbeciles and thought, “Maybe I could get this girl to notice me because I’m not brain-dead?”. Well, there are many ways to seduce a camming performer and arrange a chat or a meeting outside of the live sex platform that you met her on. It really is not that hard to seduce a camgirl if you know what you’re doing.

Fuck Camgirls in Real Life

According to an article published at, there are several male qualities that camgirls find irresistible, including cheerfulness, good conversational skills, and diligence. If you can have a conversation with a camgirl and find common ground, you might just get lucky and get to fuck her in real life. Plus, it’s easy to find a way to project these qualities even if you don’t have them naturally.

Find out what her habits are, what she likes to do for fun, what her favorite things are, etc. Also, try asking her questions about her life and hobbies. That way, it would seem as if you have a lot in common. Also, the same article claims that women appreciate guys that are generous with their money, so it might be a wise idea to tip her!


Obviously, there are not ALL seduction techniques that you can implement to land a camgirl, but it’s a good place to start.

Porn Genre Spotlight: Asian

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It’s no big secret that Asian women are considered to be more physically attractive by many men. Guys are willing to straight-up drool all over the astonishing Asians that they see in film and porn! With staggering popularity, Asians have been breaking records in the global porn industry for more than a decade. Weirdly enough, the myth that Asian women are submissive and conservative is a big one despite women like Asa Akira proving to the world that Asian women are more sexually promiscuous than others. They are also more adventurous, skilled, and seductive. If that is not something worth celebrating, we do not know what is!

Popular XXX Subgenres Featuring Sexy Asians

According to anonymous research conducted by a popular porn tube titled “PornData888”, the most popular porn genre featuring Asians is interracial. Guess people of different races really want to imagine what it’s like to fuck a sexed-up Asian chick! They have the right idea and the popularity of interracial porn videos will continue to increase! The second most popular genre is JAV, i.e. porn focusing on Japanese women/porn produced by Japanese adult entertainment studios.

Sites like PornData888 offer fully uncensored versions of all the Asian porn content so you can watch all the hot Asian porn videos that you want with no annoying censorship. The third most popular pick is, of course, the stepfamily pornography with different but equally arousing picks. Doesn’t matter if it’s an Asian stepdaughter or a stepsister, that shit is really hot!

The final popular subgenre that we are going to focus on is none other than Asian anal. As it turns out, people really enjoy seeing tight Asian asses get stretched out to the point of no return (sometimes it’s all about gentle butt blasting, though!).

Temptress119 porn

7 Amazing Advantages of Owning a Realistic Sex Toy

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A realistic dildo is a dildo that is particularly phallic in nature. These models tend to be modeled after the basic shape of the male penis, characterized by a fairly uniform shaft and pronounced head. There are additional features to give this bedroom staple a more realistic look and feel. These would usually include but are not limited to veins, balls, and sometimes color, which comes down to the preference of the customer.

A wonderful thing about this type of pleasure product is how inclusive it is. Literally, everybody has the means to try one out, and therefore nobody needs to miss out on this type of fun! Yes, wider traditional use is vaginally, but this is only one way a realistic dildo can be satisfying.

They can be used vaginally, anally (if the dildo has a flared base), and even for oral and manual sex fantasies! Stepping up your BJ game before that date night? We bet!

Realistic dildos can offer you much more advantages that will help you to lead a life with more fulfilling intimate pleasures. Following are some advantages that will help you to know more about realistic dildos:

1. Realistic Dildos Are Inclusive and Gender-Versatile

Realistic dildos can be used to fulfill the intimate fantasies of all genders; sexual orientation does not matter here. If you are a female then you can use this uncompromising sex toy inside your vagina or perhaps take it for a filling backdoor experience! If you’re a proud penis owner, a realistic dildo can help you achieve titillating prostate orgasms. This guarantees that you will get amazing sensations when using any realistic dildo.  To experiment even further a dildo can be placed in a strap-on harness and partnered play can turn into one helluva hot pegging session. Pegging is the jewel in the crown of many couples’ intimate play.

2. Realistic Dildos Can Elevate Your Mood and Improve Your Confidence

Realistic dildos are beautiful and will help elevate your mood, leaving you satisfied, relieved, and rejuvenated. Using realistic dildos in youфr bedroom play can help battle anxiety and assist in experiencing a plethora of new intimate sensations. Sex toys and realistic dildos, in particular, can give you and your partner the perfect erotic fulfillment that is more often even better than the real thing. Realistic dildos are a great alternative to a person’s penis and can help you control the duration of your pleasure sessions for as long as you wish. Realistic dildos aren’t just good for your body. They’re good for your mind and your soul. Realistic dildos help in building your self-confidence. You gain an appreciation of your body when you know the ins and outs of it. The human body is a work of art, and realistic dildos are paint brushes that enhance your experience of feeling it.

3. Ultra-Realistic Experience and Lifelike Sensations

Along with a natural shape comes a more natural feeling than with more quirky dildo designs. These other shapes and styles are great too, but some days, your body craves something a little more natural that can satisfy your needs in the way an actual human would. This natural feeling particularly lends itself to fantasies and imaginary scenarios, especially if they involve someone you know – it makes the fantasy all the stronger if you can feel a realistic shape inside you. Plus, because of the extra textures on the veins of the shaft and balls, you can benefit from additional stimulation (both inside and out) that you don’t get with a smoother toy.

4. Realistic Dildos Can Improve Your Relationship

After being with the same partner for a long time, the sexual relationship usually tends to fade. It can get boring. Sex can seem to be more of a chore rather than something fun to do with your significant other. Using realistic dildos can improve things between you and your partner. It will bring back the spark in the relationship and make intimacy something titillating again. Couples who use realistic dildos tend to be more open and honest about their desires. Using pleasure toys improves overall communication. This communication allows couples to stay together longer. It alleviates the monotony of the relationship and improves the intimate bond with each other.

5. Realistic Dildos Are Made For Your Satisfaction

Realistic dildos are scientifically-designed to aid in your sexual pleasures. They are created specifically for our human bodies to experience what the Architect of the Universe has intended for us to experience with his anatomical creations. It is not an easy task to stimulate our minds and bodies at the same time. This is where pleasure toys such as realistic dildos come in handy. All realistic dildos are designed to hit the right pleasure spots in our bodies to reduce our stress and anxiety.

6. Using Realistic Dildos for Sex Counts as Exercise

Sex is the most exciting form of exercise. It’s the only exercise that we wouldn’t mind doing every day, a few times a day. It won’t replace the good ol’ treadmill, but honestly? It’s ten times better than the gym and less expensive than your local gym membership. You lose five to seven calories per minute of sex. You hit two birds with one stone when you have sex. It speeds up your heart rate for faster blood circulation and metabolism. And at the same time, having sex uses various muscles in the body! So get busy and get shaggin’ asap! Clear your schedule to make time for it on a regular basis. Using realistic dildos in your sex regimen can bring in the consistency you need in your sex life so you can maximize all of the benefits.

7. Realistic Dildos Can Help You Gain More Sex Education

Aside from all the listed advantages so far, realistic dildos are a great way for everyone to become a better lover. Toys can help you explore your body, and with enough patience and skill, you can learn how to prevent penis-centric masturbation. This will help you appreciate your partner’s body and learn how to relax more while you’re turning him/her on. Once you get the hang of realistic dildos, you learn how to master your orgasms.  You will learn how to delay your orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms. When you use sex toys, you will no longer be worried about ejaculating too quickly, losing your erection, or not getting an erection.


Using realistic dildos has a lot of advantages. It’s not only good for your mental health but it can also boost your intimacy and increase your sexual satisfaction. Realistic dildos can be used both solo and as a part of your partnered bedroom pleasure session. Investing in a realistic dildo today will help you discover new heights of intimacy and sexual sensations tomorrow.