Tips for Finding the Right Webcam Sites for Live Sex

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Porn is becoming boring and outdated, and new ways of having some proper adult fun are required. Luckily for us, there are many similar industries just waiting to replace the porn videos, and some of them are the best cam sites where you can find some of the hottest girls performing live, having fun, and making money.


Cam girls are always prepared to get more personal with you, and usually, they are down for literally anything as long as it includes a decent tip. Think of it as a way to show them your love, the greater the tip, the greater your love for them. Live streaming webcam girls are the new best thing, and many fans are there to confirm it!

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Difference between porn and camgirls

If you think that they are the same thing, you’re mistaken! They are similar, yet so different. Porn is scripted, with perfect girls with huge tits, round butts, and pretty faces that show nonstop pleasure. Those girls are meant to be perfect in every way- body, personality, even moans! That’s their job. The same goes for the guys- muscly, well-endowed, long-lasting. It is a pattern that just repeats itself but it can be stressful and the pressure is huge.


Camgirls, on the other hand, are more natural. They get comfy in front of the camera, maybe put on some music, gather their toys, and get the camera rolling. Once they go live, loyal fans get a notification and they are all prepared in front of their little screens to watch their favorite online girl performing. There are no scripts, and things mostly happen spontaneously. The cam girl chats with the viewers and receives some demands from them. Those are simple tasks that she needs to do in order to get a nice tip. For a fair price, she’ll even do a private show for your eyes only!

Finding free webcam sites online

It seems like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it’s not. Free webcam sites have easy access, and by typing the name into the search bar, you’ll be greeted by tons of results. The problem here is- how to know which of them are legitimate, and which are click-on viruses? Remember, you’re here for some adult fun, and you want to spend some money on your favorite cam girl. You’re not here for spending money on a new phone!

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Stay away from ads that are telling you that there are horny girls only 2 miles away. Yes, technically, there might be some, but the chances are that once you click on it, you’ve fallen into the trap. Stop making adult time so complicated, and go straight to live streams. You’ll be safe, and you’ll be fulfilled in no time, without even trying that hard- two clicks it’s all it takes.


Anyways, there will be tons of webcam sites, and usually, the top three are most popular and frequently visited. With one simple click, you’ll be taken to the home page of the webcam site, that’s filled with girls that are actually randomly put there. Once you refresh it, the girls on the homepage will change, and new ones will appear.

Finding the perfect camgirl

Great, you’ve found the right webcam site for you. But, now it’s time to find the right camgirl, and this can be a tough choice. While you’re on the homepage, if a girl catches your eye, make sure to remember her username, so that you can simply type it in the search bar of the site. 


If not, you’re still searching. Nearly every cam site has categories, ranging from hair color to fetishes. You’ll click on a certain category, depending on your preferences, and you’ll be shown all the girls that are performing under that category. If you can’t decide between a few camgirls, click on their profiles and you’ll get a short bio of them, along with their age, orientation, body specifics. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even see them live streaming for free at the moment. 


While some girls are doing all that hard work for free, there are others that charge by the minute. Once you see the prices, you’ll think that it’s nothing, but keep in mind that you’ll stay there for at least 10-15 minutes, so know your limits. If you want to get closer to the cam girl, look for the ones that are open for private shows. We’ve got some good news for you- for a decent tip, literally, any girl would perform only for you. During the session, feel free to tip her and chat with the cam girl. Make sure to pin their profile and to get notifications when they’re online, so that you can watch the stream again.

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