The Screen

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The people walked through the cityscape as if nothing had changed, as if the world was not a mecca of what it used to be. The buildings towered over the clouds and the cars hovered over the asphalt with no driver behind the wheel. The lights over Times Square could be seen from space although no-one had dared to travel off the planet in some time. People were now fixated on the screens, the devices they held in their pockets that quenched their desires, keeping them fixated on the lights that shined into their eyes, keeping them inebriated. Relationships off the screens were banned, for your fix must come from the screen. All contact must be done over the screen. The streets were more crowded than ever, but all the noise came from the towering screens, while the people idling stared at the technicolor television projected on tops of buildings and street signs. During the day the content played would be mind numbing, just something to distract you while you made your way from point A to point B. Then the night time would roll around and an ominous light would project onto the city streets and all foot traffic would stop. People would lose all focus on where they were traveling, or what they had planned for the evening. The screen would illuminate and the “Sex Cam” would begin.

These were the starletts of the new age, these were the movie stars that the past held so dearly, the goddesses of myth now brought to life on a football field sized screen that towered over the city. People would cheer as the sun dove into the ocean, men and women alike treated it as their church, as their gospel, as their holy book held above anything else.

The women would come out into the light and people would shout their desires. The microphones planted throughout the city would record their wishes and code the person’s username projecting that onto the screen. The crowd would gather there every night to see the show, rain or shine. There were no children anymore; the screen had put an end to reproduction. This was the only escape. 

The show would always start with the announcer calling out the first girls name as the camera panned into the room filled with sex toys and leather masks. The women were genetically modified to fit into everyone’s idea of the perfect woman. Breasts the size of soccer balls and lips that screamed “fuck me”. This was the future everyone had been born into, raised into, no-one knew the difference. The shouting would begi and the girl would begin to strip clean of her clothes. The cheers roared through the streets. She would dance on a pole as she spread her legs open, stuffing whatever the crowd wanted up her snatch.

People looked up in wonder at the screen as some looked down at their phones for the show was broadcast on all screens of all forms.

The men would idolize the women wanting with all their heart to be able to find someone who looks like them, talk like them, but these women were only for government broadcasting. Specifically designed for the screen. The women would give anything to be able to look like the starlets. Idolizing them in their own way. The girl finished up her act and the crowd cheered. The announcer came back on wearing his typical suit made out of the pattern of the American Flag.

“Now people of this great land we have a very special show for you tonight as some of you know this is the fiftieth anniversary of our nation’s first broadcast that has captivated so many minds of generations before you and I hope will captivate the minds for generations to come. Tonight you get to see it all “the Sex Cam brought to you by our great sponsors at Mcdonald’s we will show you how you will be spending your lovely night.”

The Screen flickered as the announcers’ laughter rang out through the city. The camera panned to a city where everyone in the street was tearing off each other’s clothes and doing what they had been deprived of for so many years. The people in Times Square stood in confusion as they thought this was all part of the show. Some act that the government had painstakingly prescribed for them. The announcer’s voice  once again filled the city streets.

“Do all you wish my friends for this is the night we purge ourselves of the New Age, this is the freedom we have all longed for” “this is our reckoning”The people still stared into the screen, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to proceed.

One woman ripped off her top and jumped on the man next to her. The crowd watched as the two stripped themselves of their clothes and began to kiss. People watched and wondered what they were doing. This has never been done on the screen before some of them thought. People followed the two and the city started to unfold like a row of dominos being knocked down. One by one everyone started to undress.  everyone started to kiss and fuck the whole city was on fire with the heat of the sex that protruded from the crowd. Women felt like they were the ones on the screen, a star, an object of desire. The crowd was so preoccupied with themselves that they hadn’t noticed the screen had gone black for the first time in fifty years.The people started to leave the Square, some carrying their partners in their arms, some running away holding hands. The streets cleared out, what was once filled with the sounds of the screen is now filled with the moans of pleasure coming from the windows of the apartments that line the city streets.

The sun began to rise out of the ocean and Times Square lay deserted, as a hum of static drifts through the air.

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