Biggest Pros of Being Single (Hint: You Can Watch AnaCams)

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Imagine being trapped in a toxic relationship or in a boring relationship or generally wasting time with someone that might be THE ONE for you? All of that sounds exhausting. Hell, you won’t even be allowed to look at the hottest camgirls in the world over at AnaCams if your partner is a possessive/jealous type, y’know?

Today, we are going to talk all about the positives of staying single. Forever, preferably. We tried to focus on the underrated advantages of being single for this list, so keep that in mind.

Great Things About Being Single

You don’t have to keep track of your SO’s moods.

If you have a partner, you are constantly wondering if they’re mad at you, jealous, or upset. You have to be constantly on the look-out for the signs that they’re annoyed or upset. You have to be aware of the red flags that you can tell from their facial expressions. If you’re single, you are never worried that your SO will suddenly grow upset – you’re just free to do whatever without the fear of ruining someone’s mood.

You can hook up with somebody else.

If you’re currently in a relationship, you can’t just screw a hot guy/girl. You are not allowed to hook up with somebody else because most relationships are monogamous. Believe it or not, most women consider camgirl interactions cheating as well, so you won’t be able the visit the above-mentioned site as well. Way to live a very boring, joyless life.

You can focus on what’s really important.

People spend their whole lives chasing the next big thing. The big thing is typically something material—new car, bigger house, better phone, etc. These material things are incredibly important and you can buy them without having to budget everything or try to pay attention to your partner’s financial needs as well. You can also travel or spend money on whatever makes you happy. That what is really important.

You can make new friends without a significant other.

Single people tend to be more authentic and less affected by peer pressure. In other words, you won’t feel the need to change your personality to fit into your date’s group of friends. If you have the desire to create a close-knit group of best buds, it’s very easy to do as a single person.

You don’t have to share your food.

When you’re single, you can eat whatever you want—free from the concerns of someone telling you that the crust is too big, or the cheese is too greasy. You can also snack when you want. Also…, you can have the exact amount of food that you want WITHOUT HAVING TO SHARE A SINGLE BITE. So fucking refreshing!

You can explore who you really are.

There is something liberating about deciding to be single. You have the freedom to explore who you really are without the presence of a significant other getting in the way. You can learn more about yourself, let your hair down, so to speak.

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